Our Wines

Seyval Blanc

Dry, light and fruity with shades of yellow and pale green. A nose of green apples, white flowers and honeysuckle.

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Boisé d’Havelock

The Boisé d’Havelock is aged in oak barrels. This gold colored wine has subtle wood notes and the nose is marked with attractive vanilla aromas.

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Cuvée Spéciale

Blend of Cayuga, Vidal and Geisenheim. Wine of delicate fruits and flower aromas mixed with honey notes.

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Rosé Marie-Line

This rosé has pleasant pink-orange shades. It is aromatic with a nose of strawberry and raspberry accents. Light, fresh and well balanced, the finish is long, fruity and delicious.

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Marathonien Rouge

This red wine is aged 10 months in oak barrels. This wine will surprise you with its dominance of cherry, blackberry and blueberry accents combined with spicy notes.

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Vinifera rouge

Cabernet Franc and Merlot. Bell peppers, fruit and mineral aromas. You can taste the tannins and the fruity final.

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Our Desserts Wines

Late Harvest

This Late Harvest has notes of orange blossom and peel as well as candied fruits. Well balanced, it’s sweetness reminiscent of honey. A pure pleasure!

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Ice Wine

With its dark gold shades, our ice wine proposes exquisite pineapple and apricot aromas mixed with sweet spices, dried flowers and caramel notes.

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