Marathonien Ice Wine from 1996 to today

Every year since 1994, le vignoble du Marathonien does its winter harvest between December and January to get the best of their grapes. Each year, the result ends with two excellent products: The Ice Wine and the Late Harvest. Since 2011, we have been posting pictures and details of the cold day harvesting on Facebook. Just take a look !

Here are some pictures of the harvesting from 1996 until 2010:


Pictures description (from the top):
Pictures 1-2: Radio-Canada team filming la semaine verte. Harvest 1996.
Pictures 3-4-5: Harvest 2004
Pictures 6-7: Harvest 2006
Picture 8: Harvest 2007
Picture 9: Harvest 2008
Picture 10: Harvest 2009
Pictures 11-12: Harvest 2010