Ice Wine History


Several winters have passed since our first harvest of frozen grapes in the vineyard in november of 1994. Indeed, what started as a small experimental harvest as became over the years two products awarded more than a hundred times around the world. See all awards

Proud to be the first to produce an Ice Wine in Quebec, we are still determined and motivated to develop our next vintages when the winter cold arrives. We are inviting you to discover these two sweet wines, your palates will love them! They go well as a starter with foie gras or blue cheese or as dessert with a tarte tatin. Discover them under the wine section.

Ice Wine technical sheet
Late Harvest technical sheet

These products are available at SAQ and at the vineyard.
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Marathonien Ice Wine from 1996 to today

Every year since 1994, le vignoble du Marathonien does its winter harvest between December and January to get the best of their grapes. Each year, the result ends with two excellent products: The Ice Wine and the Late Harvest. Since 2011, we have been posting pictures and details of the cold day harvesting on Facebook. […]

Marathonien Ice Wine – Vintage 1995

The 1995 harvest took place on december 9th during a snow storm and in the presence of a National Film Board team who was making a short film. On this day, the temperature was between -14°C and -12°C. During the filming, the drifting snow made us understand that winter had really arrived… The images taken that […]

Marathonien Ice Wine – Vintage 1994

1994 was our very first harvest of Ice Wine. A small experimental harvest that gave 30 liters of precious juice, harvested at the end of November, at a temperature of -8°C. This vintage gave us a density limit for the standard of Ice Wine. So we created a brand new product. The first Late Harvest: […]